Doggie Heimlich maneuver saves Chester!

Doggie Heimlich maneuver saves Chester!

Chester, named after Dennis Weaver’s character on the Gunsmoke TV series, is a lively little Chihuahua, who was rescued several years ago, from a County Animal Shelter. He was a “street dog” that had suffered a broken hind leg, from being hit by a car. After 2 surgeries, and a possible amputation of the leg, and several months of healing, he fully recovered, although with a limp (hence the name Chester). Originally a foster, Bob and Betty adopted Chester, and he has lived the comfortable life. But, Chester decided to tempt fate once again, at a backyard barbecue. While Betty and Bob were clearing dishes from the table, Chester decided to serve himself, scaling the bench and then onto the table, where he found his prize, a boneless pork chop in a bowl.

When Bob returned for more dishes, he sees that the pork chop, which was going to be a leftover for tomorrow’s lunch, was gone. Looking around for the culprit, Bob sees Chester on the bench, trying to gnaw on the pork chop. Chester, knowing that he had been caught stealing food, tried to quickly chew the chop. Bob caught him and tried to pry the chop from Chester’s mouth. The chop tore in half and Chester, knowing he had to quickly eat the chop or lose it, swallowed the remaining half, whole!

Chester then started to walk across the bench, when he suddenly stopped, and fell over onto his side, not breathing. Bob panicked, grabbed Chester, and tried to get him to spit out the meat, but to no avail.

Fortunately, Chester’s adoptive mom took a Pet CPR class at an Animal Disaster training, taught by instructor; Jo Ellen Cimmino, a few years ago. Betty remembered a story at training, where the instructor’s own dog choked on a piece of crust. Betty, not knowing exactly what to do, remembered the instructor’s words, “Doing something is better than doing nothing”. With Chester’s body starting to go limp, Betty pushed on Chester’s abdomen once….nothing, then she tried again, and could feel the surge of her own panic meld with her husbands. After the second compression, to no avail, she compressed the abdomen a third time, a little harder, and just then the piece of pork chop flew out of Chester’s mouth, and landed on the patio floor.

A sigh of relief, as a few moments later, Chester came around to consciousness. Chester licked his lips, as he sniffed around the ground where the pork chop had landed, but had already been removed.

Instead of having leftovers, a story with a very happy ending could be shared, about how Chester the Chihuahua survived the pork chop encounter.
It really does go to show, “Trying is better than dying!” Please, everyone, learn pet First Aid and CPR. It can save a life!