Irvine Training

Irvine Training

I participated in an intense two-day Animal Disaster Response Training this past weekend. Day two included two one-hour sessions for Safe Basic Equine Handling. My Beau was such a hit 2-1/2 years ago that ARRC invited him back.

We talked about basic equine anatomy (You’re in the kick zone, AKA Don’t stand there!), physical characteristics/postures to watch for (ears pinned? Be aware!), taught them how to make a makeshift halter out of a rope or dog leash, and how to tie a livestock quick release knot. (Thank you husband for creating that awesome, portable PVC ‘hitching post’ that’s seen next to the white pick up truck).

A few of these trainees owned horses themselves and had actually helped in evacuation situations. Many of the rest had admired horses from a distance but had never been close to one. This was first time they’d had an opportunity to reach out and stroke that soft, velvet fur or feel the warm exhaled breath from a horse’s nostrils.

Anxiety quickly turned to feelings of accomplishment. The smiles that commenced were heaven to see.

Here, sweet and handsome geldings Miguel (black) and Beau (sorrel with those crazy white spots), are awaiting our second group of volunteer/students.

Lorri and I were joined by good friends Moys and Griselda, and my awesome daughter Megan, as they trailered the horses in and helped us to show handling techniques. Thanks guys!! 

Thea and Jo Ellen, many, many thanks for inviting us again! BTW, another great training, ladies!!

Patty Rulof Hazzard