National Preparedness Month!

National Preparedness Month!

Have a Plan for you, your family and your PETS: Below is just for your pets…have a plan and have a kit.

Disaster Planning Information for your Pets

Animals are dependent on people to survive when disaster strikes. You need to take the time NOW to plan and prepare for evacuation and care for your animals when a disaster does strike.

To begin, take three simple steps…
1. Make sure you have a safe way to transport your animals when evacuating
2. Plan ahead of time and know where you are going to take them (Pet Friendly Hotel)
3. Get your Pet Go Kit together

If you are not home when a disaster strikes, who could you trust to step in and help your animals?
Choose someone you can depend on to notify when you are not at home. If they have animals, you can become each other’s backup. Think of a friend, relative, landlord, or even a co-worker. Make sure you know where you will meet and how to contact one another.

To take planning one step further you can put together supplies needed to care for your animals during the time you are evacuated. It’s suggested that you be self-sufficient for those first critical 72 hour, but 2 weeks of supplies are ideal.

Animal Disaster Supply Kit:
• Food, water and bowls
• Grooming supplies
• Treats, toys
• Sanitation items – disinfectant, plastic bags, litter and litter box
• Pet first aid supplies
• Identification/tags on all animals
• Control and confinement equipment,­ carriers, crates and leashes with collars or harnesses
• Medications and copies of current veterinary records
• Current photos of your animal(s) with you included in the picture as proof of relationship
• Bedding

Put these numbers in your cell phone and keep a printed copy in your Pet Go Kit!

Pet Poison Hotline: (800) 213-6680 $39 per incident
My Nearest Emergency Pet Hospital: ( ) _____-_______
My Local Animal Control: ( ) _____-_______
My Office of Emergency Services: ( ) _____-_______
Nearest Pet Friendly Hotel: ( ) _____-_______
My Pet Board and Care: ( ) _____-_______