Safety Tips for Your Pets Before, During and After Halloween!

Safety Tips for Your Pets Before, During and After Halloween!
  1. Because we LOVE our pets we want to include them in every fun activity in our lives, but reconsider costumes for your pets unless they are used to wearing them.  Choose costumes that are not so snug as to keep the pet from moving in a manner that is normal.  Some costumes may cause irritation to a sensitive pet so keep an eye out for skin irritations and eye discharge.  Make sure there are no dangly parts to the costume that your pet can nibble away on.  This can cause a trip to the emergency room!
  2. Keep Candy (Especially) Chocolate out of reach of pets at all times.  These are human treats and never meant for pets.
  3. If you like to “Old School” your carved pumpkin with real lit candles be cautious with the pets that may have access to them.  A pet can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and cause serious damage or worse!
  4. Take precautions when opening your door to trick or treaters…you may have the BEST Dog in the world but some children are afraid of dogs and the situation can escalate into an unintentional scare.  Some pets may need to be confined to another part of the home during Halloween for their own safety.
  5. Keep pets from nibbling on pumpkins and decorative corn as they may cause stomach upset.
  6. Keep pets from nibbling or getting tangled in festive lights.  Serious injuries or worse can happen!
  7. If you have pets greeting trick or treaters or out for a romp on Halloween Night make sure they have proper ID on (microchip and collar with tag is ideal).  Energy filled nights will cause a great deal more of excitement and distraction and your pet may easily slip away from you!
  8. If possible keep your cats inside for Halloween.  Too many times cats are targets for sadistic humans who may do harm to them.
  9. Keep pets from getting into costume jewelry and glow sticks as both can cause harm to your pets if ingested.

Halloween can be a fun and festive time for children and their human families and can turn into a dangerous time quickly for pets.  Forgo the stress by following these easy tips.